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Let's not focus on just skin care but our body as a whole including our mental and physical as well.  

Self-care is utilizing measures that preserve and or improve our whole being. With our lives continually busy with countless responsibilities and others to care for we must take the necessary stand on making conscious efforts of self-care.

Oprah Winfrey states, "Self-care is a practice of what I do to feel whole.  It shouldn't have to come out of an imminent need for relief when everything comes tumbling down.  It should be deliberate, scheduled, and become a habit.". By implementing this regiment, it improves our mental and physical health, which in turn supports a lower risk of illness and increases energy.  Self-care can also raise self-esteem and lead to healthier relationships.  It is imperative that we understand that it is part of life that can improve us as human beings.

Some ways to incorporate self-care are:

❥Self-pampering gifts

❥Spa days


❥Meditate or pray

❥Relaxing bath with favorite candle

❥Good book

❥Do absolutely nothing

PS.......let's begin to love on ourselves!!!!!

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In response to Janika…..having to raise 2 grandchildren singlehanded was a task, but in order for me to be good for them, I had to make efforts to take care of me. Sometimes we have to make time to love on ourselves even if it’s small for a short periods of time. Janika take that time for self care anyway you can and be creative. You deserve it !!!!!


I randomly found this on Google and it was what I needed . Single mom of 4 and I cant tell you the last time I had a break 😔


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